The TransPerfect Mountain Challenge is constantly trying to find new ways to become more sustainable for the community and the planet. Find out how we are doing so below:

  • We minimise the use of plastic: we do not provide single-use plastic utensils, such as cups, plates or cutlery. Participants must bring their own drink containers. Whenever single-use utensils are strictly needed, we always choose bio-degradable materials.
  • Our t-shirts are produced and printed locally, promoting local businesses and avoiding unnecessary shipping.
  • Our medals and trophies are made of re-purposed wood by a local provider.
  • We minimize the use of paper: registrations and all communications are completed digitally. When we need to print physical signs and flyers, we ensure that they are FSC-compliant by referring to sustainable sources.
  • We reduce trail marking, carefully respecting nature. Marking tape is reused from one event to the next. We make the digital track available to participants.
  • We pursue zero-waste for food: we work closely with food banks to pick up whatever perishable and non-perishable food is not consumed during our events so those can be re-distributed to those who need it.
  • We offer collective transportation with buses to our main event, reducing the carbon footprints of our participants.